• Fish is becoming increasingly important as a food component

  • Craftsmanship is at the centre

  • With respect for people, the sea and nature

Passion for craftsmanship

Fishmasters believes that fish is becoming increasingly important as a valuable food component.

By being a leader in developing customer-relevant solutions, we want to make a significant contribution to continue to grow the product group; processed fish.

During the processing and preparation of our products, craftsmanship is at the centre. We do this with a team of driven and enthusiastic employees who want to lead the way with us. At the same time, there is constantly invested in knowledge and technology. This enables us to come up with unique solutions in a relatively short period of time to seize opportunities on the market.

We want to continue surprising our customers and let consumers enjoy themselves. This leads to the creation of beautiful and special products that we are proud of. We always produce with respect for people, the sea and nature.

For who?

For Fishmasters, collaboration with the customer is centre. We do this for customers in Europe who are mainly active in the Foodservice and Business-to-Business channels. The main sales countries are England, Italy, Spain, the Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, Finland and Sweden. The customers of Fishmasters include large institutional customers, meal producers, A-brand producers, airline caterers, retail organizations and wholesalers. Together with the customer, we determine which products best meet the specific wishes and needs of the customer. Thanks to our modern production location, we are able to produce high-quality products in an agile and efficient manner. We work together with partners to strengthen our position and to optimally serve the customer

Our products


A crispy shell with a juicy piece of fish inside. Sometimes mildly spiced, sometimes spicy but always delicious!


Juicy pieces of fish with different types of batter. Baked or fried, always irresistibly tasty!

Ready to eat

In the kitchen, these ready-to-eat fish products only need to be regenerated briefly in the oven or microwave and are then ready to serve.


The Fishmasters product range also includes products that are 100% gluten-free and dairy-free. All with a crispy breading.

Oven products

Our crispy products from the oven, which can be used as a snack and / or meal component.

Low fat

Baked fish products from the oven contain approximately 30% less fat than fried fish out of the fryer. Ideal for a healthy lifestyle.


Carefully selected fillet is expertly filled by hand with one of Fishmasters many delicious sauces.


A wide selection of trendy and delicious fish snacks.

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